Charles Matton

Charles Matton (13 September 1931-19 November 2008), was a French multidisciplinary artist: painter, sculptor, designer, writer, photographer, videographer, he was also a film maker (writer and director).

In the mid-1980s,  he constructed detailed models of the interiors in small boxes, and then carefully photographed those, eventually exhibiting the models together with the prints and paintings derived from them. The dolls’-house miniatures attracted such attention, that they soon became and end in themselves.

Watch a video about his work here…..

Exhibition of his work in London 8 Sept 2011 – 7 Oct 2011 (AVA, 2 Omega Place, Kings Cross)

Artist website here…

Matton says, “I create two kinds of boxes: those whose purpose is to recreate an atmosphere that has delighted me, a memory whose existence I wish to perpetuate; and the more objective pieces that are the result of a detailed examination of the “realistic truth” of a certain place.”


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